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Downloading Instant Fear

14 May
'Scare Me' by Richard Parker

‘Scare Me’ by Richard Parker

Guest Blogger Profile: Richard Parker was a TV script writer, script editor and producer before turning his hand to writing high concept stand alone thrillers.  His debut, ‘Stop Me’, was shortlisted for a Specsavers Crime Award.  ‘Scare Me‘ is his second thriller and Hollywood movie rights have already been bought by Relativity Media.  Wentworth Miller – star of ‘Prison Break’ and screenwriter of ‘Stoker’ starring Nicole Kidman – has been contracted and is currently scripting the adaptation. 

Technology is evolving faster than we are and although this means that, for many of us, trying to keep track of the latest devices and software is becoming a daily pressure it also means that whatever we want is becoming easier to instantly obtain.

With ebooks and iPads/Phones we can turn the last page of a book by an author we enjoyed and start reading the next one in just a few seconds .  Or perhaps we might want to have that story narrated and download the audiobook for home or when we travel and can’t hold the book/reader in our hand.

When it comes to entertaining ourselves technology enables us and we can enjoy happiness, intrigue or laughter by clicking a mouse or touching a screen.

We can also experience fear, in a controlled way of course, as instantaneously.  Particularly when you consider that the new technology itself is such a rich territory for thrillers.

Richard Parker Author

Richard Parker

With ‘Scare Me‘ I wanted to take something as everyday as a Google search and use it as a springboard into terror.  Will Frost is woken in the middle of the night by an anonymous caller asking him when he last Googled himself.

He does so and finds a website with images of the inside of his family home plus photographs of six other houses.  His daughter has been kidnapped and Will must visit the other houses which are scattered around the globe, retrieving an item of her clothing from each one, if he is ever to see her alive again.

A gruesome homicide occurs in each home and Will must beat the police to the crime scene as well as figure out exactly what connects them.

Throughout his terrifying ordeal technology continues to aid as well as make demands on him.  His wife tracks him with GPS and his laptop becomes his only mode of communication with the sadistic kidnappers.  It also brings an unwanted party into the equation.

So much access to our personal lives and intimate details is dangerous although many of us probably wouldn’t consider how filling out our details on different sites and posting pictures and daily facts about ourselves on Facebook would allow an individual to build a very intimate picture of us.

‘Scare Me’ takes this idea to dark extremes but it’s something that we all have to think about as we literally walk about with our heads in the ‘clouds.’

Buy the audio book of ‘Scare Me’ by Richard Parker, read by Rupert Holliday-Evans.