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BBC Archive Voices – History in the making….

5 Oct

Download HERE http://www.audiogo.co.uk/bbc-archive-voices

BBC Archive Voices: a fascinating collection of archive interviews with icons past and present. An exciting new series from AudioGO entitled BBC Archive Voices, features interviews with key figures who have enriched our cultural landscape.
Many of these interviews have not been heard since their original transmission, and almost none of them have previously been made available for purchase. They represent a window into the past, a chance for us to hear the voices of those who contributed to the richness of our political and cultural heritage.
Eight titles will be released in Sept, with new releases every month thereafter.
BBC Archive Voices: Shirley Bassey
BBC Archive Voices: Paul McCartney
BBC Archive Voices: Roald Dahl
BBC Archive Voices: Noel Coward
BBC Archive Voices: Bette Davis
BBC Archive Voices: Alfred Hitchcock
BBC Archive Voices: Margaret Thatcher
BBC Archive Voices: Brian Clough