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Doctor Who Christmas Special

21 Dec

Our Sci-fi editor Michael Stevens gives us his thoughts on this years Doctor Who Christmas Special:

This year’s Christmas special is intriguingly titled The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. That hint of Narnia influence is intentional – from what we’ve seen and heard there’s going to be children, a lot of snow, and some weird and wonderful characters to encounter! Once again Matt Smith is at the helm as the 11th Doctor, in a story partly set in 1940s Dorset. (If you find the idea of the Doctor adventuring in the snow appealing, then check out our audiobook The Silent Stars Go By, featuring the Doctor, Amy and Rory battling the Ice Warriors on a very snowy planet!) Doctor Who will return in 2012 with more stories on TV, and we’ll be back with more 11th audio-original stories, soundtracks, Classic Novels readings and more!

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Doctor Who: Serpent Crest: Aladdin Time

6 Oct

The third jacket in the new Doctor Who Serpent Crest series has now been released! Let us know what you think?

The third of five exclusive audio adventures adventures featuring characters from the classic Doctor Who TV series, written by the acclaimed novelist Paul Magrs, who also wrote HORNETS’ NEST and DEMON QUEST!