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What is everyone saying about Doctor Who: Babblesphere?

19 Apr

Doctor Who: BabblesphereBabblesphere, the fourth in the Destiny of the Doctor audio series came out at the start of April. This adventure, performed by Lalla Ward and Roger Parrot and features the 4th Doctor, as played by Tom Baker in the original TV series.

Reviews of the Destiny of the Doctor series have been positive in general, and on our Facebook page, Stephen wrote “Vengeance of the Stones is my favourite so far due to fully immersive story, delivery and sound production, but Babblesphere is a strong addition to the series.”

The Sci-Fi Bulletin gave it an 8/10, saying “Filled with nice little touches, this is a fun story with just a hint of acid”, although Eye of Horus said “At times, DOCTOR WHO: DESTINY OF THE DOCTOR – BABBLESPHERE is perfunctory and uninspired, but, at times, given the allegoric subject, is insightful and a social warning (“Communication Change” as opposed to “Climate Change”).”

Tim from Mass Movement Magazine, states that Babblesphere “has upped the ante in a series that’s worth its weight in gold.”

What do you think of Doctor Who: Babblesphere? Is it as good as the other titles in the series?