Stephen K. Amos Interview

29 Aug
Stephen K. Amos by James Penlidis

Stephen K. Amos by James Penlidis

We have another interview with a great comedian conducted as part of AudioGO‘s sponsorship of The Pleasance Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013.

We caught up with some of the fantastic Fringe performers who entertained the Edinburgh crowds in a series of exclusive interviews. 

Fringe Festival favourite Stephen K Amos has a BBC Radio 4 series, An Idiot’s Guide, which is available from AudioGO.

What can we expect from your new fringe show? 

“It’s a work in progress — things can only get better.”

How are you enjoying the Fringe at the Pleasance?  

“I’ve been to see some great shows at the Pleasance, and we open a chat show there next week.”

Your show An Idiot’s Guide was a huge success on Radio 4 and now through AudioGO. Are there any plans for another series? 

“Yes, indeed. We are going to record a new series coming out next year.”

How important medium is Radio for comedians? 

“Any medium that has an audience is important, and Radio 4 has a great track record for comedy.”

Your television show featured new and relatively unknown comedians. Was that a deliberate attempt to encourage new comic talent and give them an opportunity? 

“Yes. There is no point just being another show featuring established comics. It’s always great to give up and coming talent the chance to be seen on TV.”

You are a very successful stand-up, as well hosting your own show both on radio and television, but what do you enjoy most? 

“Nothing beats a live stand-up experience.”

What was your worst gig? 

“In the early days it was all a learning curve, and we all make mistakes. Mine are too many to mention!”

Who were your comedy heroes growing up? 

“I never had any comedy heroes. I was not intending on getting into this business at all.”

What do you enjoy watching now?  

“Films. It’s my secret desire to feature in the remake of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

What are your favourite sitcoms? 

Curb Your EnthusiasmRaising Hope and The Middle.”

Who inspired you to get into comedy? 

“Delphine Manley [director of comedy management agency, Beyond Compare].”

What do you have coming up? 

“Two new radio shows and a sitcom in the pipeline.”

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