Tim Vine Interview

21 Aug

Throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, which runs from 2 – 26 August, AUDIOGO is proud to be once again sponsoring the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, as it presents a rich and diverse schedule of new comedies, dramas, children’s shows and much more besides.

To celebrate our partnership with the Pleasance, we have caught up with some of the fantastic Fringe performers currently entertaining the Edinburgh crowds in a series of exclusive interviews. 

Human pun-machine Tim Vine returns to the Fringe with “The Tim Vine Chat Show” — packed with his trademark silly jokes and the guests’ unforgettable anecdotes. It runs at the Pleasance, Edinburgh, until 26 August. Punslinger by Tim Vine is available from AudioGO.

What can we expect from your fringe show?Tim Vine

“It’s a show where I chat to members of the audience. I call it a chat show. I’m pretty sure it’s a totally new concept.”

How are you enjoying the Fringe at the Pleasance? 

“I’m having a great time although I lost my voice last week and then I found it — it was under my tongue.”

Who were your comedy heroes growing up?

“Kenny Everett, Les Dawson, Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper, Phil Silvers, Basil Brush.”

Who do you enjoy watching now? 

“John Archer.”

What is your favourite sitcom?


What inspired you to get into comedy?

“Working in an office!”

What do have coming up?

“I have a book coming out  in October called ‘the Tim Vine Bumper Book of Silliness’. It’s a book about the French Revolution and it’s impact on modern Europe.”

You can purchase a CD of Tim Vine’s Punslinger from AudioGO here.

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