The Brig Society

8 Jul

The Brig Society

As Lord Kitchener famously said, ‘You’re sure this big moustache won’t make me look silly on the poster?’ That, and ‘You. Your country needs you.’  Indeed it does, and in that spirit you can now volunteer to be part of The Brig Society. The first three participants win a hospital (2nd place has to run RBS).

We were asked to step up, volunteer and do more to get the country through these testing times. So I did my bit. If the government want more from us then more is what they will get. If we enjoy it we may decide to take over the whole thing. In the meantime I have taken on 6 voluntary positions allocated to me by Maureen from Volunteer Services down at the local library. I am running a prison, becoming a food czar, being a fashion icon (obviously), opening a hospital, taking over a rail network and I’ve agreed to be the king of Scotland (I’m sure they’ll be thrilled).

A little over 10 years ago I became the ‘Ranter In Chief’ on The Now Show for BBC Radio 4. It’s been fun – for me. Maybe less so for those who have been the subject of my ire. BT Broadband had a tough old time of it. David Blaine left the UK in tears. The three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – took a fearsome mauling and the Climate Change / Science Dodgers have been slapped around the ring more than once. Not to mention the politicians who so often present themselves for a pasting. The Now Show opened the cage and I leapt forth snarling and cross, but this year I have been allowed to go further and explore why it is that so many of the things I’ve rammed my head against over the years are so difficult to manage. Could it be that running things, taking responsibility and daring to get involved is harder than it looks?

In these recordings I am trying to explore why this stuff is so very difficult to get right and the results are surprising. Funny, outrageous and infuriating but always surprising. I had alongside me some of the best radio writing talent there is, an astonishingly brilliant producer (who I’ve made 5 series of ‘Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off…’ with) and the perfect cast – Margaret Cabourn-Smith, William Andrews and Rufus Jones. If their voices are not ones you recognize then we’ve won. We asked them to come and play precisely because they can go anywhere and do anything with their voices and the recordings were hilarious. What you can hear is just a fraction of what we would have liked to broadcast.

I really hope you enjoy these recordings. I am dead proud of this stuff. It’s been a massive undertaking to create my own show. Anyone who saw one of the 100 or more Brig Society tour dates I did in preparation for this will already know that the material is very funny and the ire is delivered with passion and verve but in these shows we’ve been able to do brilliant sketches alongside my stand-up. Comedy doesn’t always lend itself to nuance and complexity but that’s what I’ve tried to bring to The Brig Society. Enjoy…

Marcus Brigstocke

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