Laura Dockrill: The Art of Storytelling

4 Jun

Laura Dockrill is a performance poet, illustrator and author of Darcy Burdock, which is now out on audiobook.

Laura Dockrill reads Darcy BurdockSpeaking what you’ve written out loud is sometimes like talking to an old friend or like looking back over bad photographs of yourself ten years ago; Greasy fringe, ill-fitting baggy trousers and light blue eye shadow. When it’s not in those sometimes moments it is really what story making is made for, the art of telling.

I’ve always been a person that hasn’t enjoyed being told to shut up. I’m not very good at sitting on the perimeter of the world like a boring fence and allowing the weeds to use me as some kind of ladder. My mum is far too strong to raise me to do that. When I was younger one of my favourite things to do was to drink cups of tea and talk for hours with my first and oldest friend Siobhan about all the films and books we’d read but we wouldn’t recommend them; we would take turns to re-tell them, from start to finish, describing characters, re-enacting their behaviour, setting scenes, talking camera angles and costume. We would love to do that. It was something about listening to each other describe what we were seeing after it had soaked through our brains and rinsed out through our mouths. It added to the electricity of the story; after the marinade, building our own opinions and adding commentary. For us, it was much better than experiencing first hand.

Darcy Burdock Audiobook

I come from a family of chatterboxes and have been encouraged always to tell stories. My Dad always said he taught me the ‘embroidery of truth’ and that’s about weaving your own fabric to a tapestry of story, that’s what makes it special and how you can make a stamp of ownership of something. Sometimes my family and I can sit around wasting hours re-telling stories of things that have happened to us, on holidays or from our childhood. We’ve all added our own bits and chip in on the punch-lines, although we’ve been doing it for so long that all the truth in them has evaporated and they are just plain pools of lies! But they are our lies that we’ve all created together and that’s why we like them.

I wanted to read my own words on the audiobook because I write how I talk. I want the listener to feel like I am on the tube with them, right in their ear hole, in the gym annoying them or accompanying them to the dry cleaners or whatever but mostly because I want all walks of lives to know my work as it’s meant to be understood; I don’t want to leave anybody out, my work is intended for everybody and should be accessible.

Buy the audiobook of Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill from AudioGO.

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