Amanda Prowse – What Have I Done?

28 May

Amanda Prowse - What Have I Done?Amanda Prowse is the author of ‘Poppy Day‘ and ‘What Have I done?‘ 

I LOVE audio books, they are my blanket on a cold night, a friend in the dark and an escape from my every day. My greatest treat is to close my eyes and allow a voice to whisk me away on an adventure.

I believe that there is no greater force than a strong woman on a mission and there is no greater fuel for that mission than love. It is the hand that steadies, the arms that hold and the blood that binds. It is the reason we go further, fight harder and cry longer. The heroines in the ‘No Greater Love’ series are women like you and I, they love without condition and they fight with conviction when that love is threatened. I take every step of their journey with them, willing them on from the side lines; I hope you will too…

What Have I Done? Is Kathryn Brooker’s story, she is the kind of woman we would like to go for coffee with, the kind of person we see at school and in the supermarket, ‘a nice lady.’ Which I guess makes it all the more shocking when in the first paragraph we learn that she has murdered her husband and what is more, appears to have done so without remorse.

As her story unfolds, giving us an insight into the double life that she has lead, this shock turns to empathy and ultimately support as we will her to succeed in the life that she carves after committing this crime.

Someone asked me recently why Kathryn was so weak as to put up with her husband’s control and abuse for all those years? My answer was simple, she wasn’t. Quite the opposite, facing the world with a smile each day and doing all in her power to create the illusion of a happy family life for her kids, took strength, courage and devotion. It is these traits that enable her to keep going when her life has fallen apart, trying to re-connect with her children, without whom, her life is not worth living…

In researching this book, I have been staggered by the generosity of the women who have shared their stories. Smart, beautiful women whose recollections all started with a similar phrase, ‘he wasn’t like it when we met, in fact he was wonderful. The control was gradual, small things at first, until eventually I was isolated and vulnerable and that’s when it really began…

These too were women who to the outside world, lead comfortable, normal  lives and yet to see the quiver of their lip and the tremor of their hand as they recalled what it felt like to hear his car pull up and the sound of his key in the door, made me realise that it was anything but.

If one good thing comes out of reading the novel, I hope that women tell their daughters to trust that instinct when it tells you something is not right, to walk away and find someone who will treat you how you deserve to be treated. My mum did just that and she saved my life…

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