The Art of Raising Your Profile

15 Apr

The Art of Raising your Profile by Joanna CrosseIn this blog post, Joanna Crosse talks about raising your profile. You can find her audio titles, among others in our Self Help section.

We all need to be able to promote our skills and abilities because if we don’t, who else is going to?

Whether we’re selling ourselves or a product we need to learn ways to raise our profile. It’s not about being a pushy salesperson but if you don’t let your potential customers know about something that could help them, even change their lives, then nobody else will.  We have to learn how to network effectively and build our business in a natural and confident way.

Research your product and your market. Then you can start to plan where and how to get your message across. It’s no good turning up at endless business breakfasts if no one there is going to benefit from what you can offer. Think about how you and your skills can help someone else then you can work out how to target them.

Networking and raising your profile can be done in a natural way from outside the school gates to playgroups and social events. Think of ways in which you can describe yourself and your product in a short easy-to-understand way. Be informative rather than pushy. Remember even if that person doesn’t need or want your product they may well know someone else who does. If you come across as a natural and likeable person then that’s a great start.

I believe good customer service is not necessarily about the company but about the individual that we end up talking to on the end of a phone or sitting next to at a work function. It’s all about connections and all of us want to be seen, heard and valued. So work on those people skills, think about what you have that can benefit others and make a New Year’s commitment to get out there and promote yourself.

And remember raising your profile is also about self promotion. Work on being kinder to yourself and valuing what you do for your friends, family and colleagues.

You can buy The Art of Raising Your Profile by Joanna Crosse from AudioGO.

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