The Art of Interview Skills

5 Mar

The Art of Succeeding at InterviewsIn this blog post, Joanna Crosse talks about interview skills. You can find her audio titles, among others in our Self Help section.

Interview techniques are something we all need to embrace, whether we’re applying for a place at University, a new position or in some cases reapplying for our own job. Many people spend time worrying about the interview instead of planning and preparing properly.

What you have to remember is that interviews are really opportunities in disguise to show someone how good you are. If you’ve got to the interview stage on the strength of your CV then you want to ensure that you capitalise on the chance to impress your future employer.

You need to look at what makes you stand out. What have you got that they need? Research the company or college you’re going to and not only does that help you to see if your skills make a match but also to decide whether they’re right for you!

The absolute number one rule is ‘know yourself’. Go back over your life (however long or short that is) and look at all the interesting things you’ve done and what you’ve learnt from them. I honestly believe that everything in life is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and others.

In an interview situation you need to show your wisdom and life experience. How you can help them and others through the knowledge and skills you’ve gained over the years. Make sure your story is engaging and interesting – you don’t want to be bored or bore them – and of course they want to see the real you not a pretend one.

So if you’ve prepared your key points and know what you want to say, you’ll find on the day you’re much more able to be natural and confident. Think about your appearance, give yourself plenty of time for travel and take all the contact details and your key points with you. Also remember to smile and enjoy this opportunity to show yourself off at your very best!

Buy The Art of Succeeding at Interviews by Joanna Crosse.


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