Relax and De-Stress your Life

25 Jan

The Secret Guide To Relaxing And Banishing Stress Forever In this blog post, Maggie Lawrie gives advice on relaxing and de-stressing your life.

Executive stress is on the increase can get easily overlooked. The person who goes out to work in a high powered job is expected to be able to cope with high levels of stress and anxiety. The business world makes changes much faster than it used to – it has to in order to stay ahead of the game. But what happens to the people that have to cope with it all? One of my clients told me recently “It’s 24/7 working now – I get contacted all hours because we are global and I’m expected to respond straight away – I can’t get away from it”. Smartphones, iPhones , Blackberrys and every device under the sun is designed to make it easier to keep in touch but sadly it also makes life potentially much more stressful.

More than ever before its vital to have a plan and make time to relax and de-stress. It’s no longer an optional extra that you can put off to sometime in the future when everything is calmer, more settled (insert list of excuses for not relaxing).

Whatever you are doing, if it’s playing with your children or going for a walk, keep your full attention on what you are doing. One CEO told me recently she now reluctantly has two phones so that the work one can be turned off while she is with her family. Once you realise it’s vital for health to practise letting go, switching off becomes easier and strangely you may find your work time is more productive too.

Maggie Lawrie is the author of audiobooks with mind programming relaxations to help you with achieving your goals and de-stressing your life.

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