The Art of Giving a Presentation

13 Jan

The Art Of Giving A Presentation Joanna Crosse Audio BookIn this blog post, Joanna Crosse  talks about giving presentations. You can find her audio titles, among others in our Self Help section.

Many people have a fear of giving presentations but the reality is that we’re always presenting ourselves to others  – whether it’s to one person or a hundred. The key is to know your audience, put the preparation in and plan your message and then you can be your natural self.

Even broadcasters and presenters invariably started out disliking the sound of their own voices and could end up tuning in to their inner critic rather than focusing on what they’re saying. It’s not just about how you sound but having the confidence to find your voice and tell your story. You need to capitalise on your natural talents and skills and discover the best way to express them.

I believe the secret of a successful presentation is to be to yourself and be engaged with your content as if you’re interested in what you’re saying then your audience will be too. But the key to this success lies in knowing who your audience are and what you want to tell them. The foundation stones are critical because without them the end result will be unfocused, unclear and probably nerve wracking for you!

So with the advent of a New Year and resolutions for a new you why not set yourself some practical and achievable goals around your communication skills? And of course it goes without saying that communication starts with how we talk to ourselves so you could start by being kinder and more tolerant towards you – and that’s not a race to the finish line but one step at a time!


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