Getting The Life You Really Want

9 Jan

New year’s resolutions are always a challenge, but you can make them easy with our collection of Self Help audio titles from expert authors! In this blog post, Maggie Lawrie talks about getting the life you really want.

The Secret Guide To Getting What You Want In Life by Maggie LawrieHere we go with all our fab goal setting for 2013. Full of energy and enthusiasm we write down our goals and if we’re smart we put pictures up on the walls of things that we want. But how long does this enthusiasm last? Well sadly statistics show us that about 1 week later few will still be on target to get their goals.

You need to start with the right mindset. No matter what kind of year 2012 was for you, for now, for the purposes of getting the life you really want, you’ll have to take your focus off the things that didn’t work. Here’s 3 very simple steps to actually get your goals:

  1. Write out all the things that were great about 2012. Start talking about all the great stuff that happened. Notice how you feel differently when even the smallest success comes to mind.
  2. Pick 6 of your best memories throughout your life that are similar in nature to the goal you want. So if your number one goal is making more money, write out times in your life when you made more money, notice what you saw and how you felt at that time. Don’t worry if the amount of money was small, this is your mind re programming itself to attract more into your life. If your goal is better health or fitness find memories where you felt stronger and fitter – even if it was running for the bus.
  3. When you write out your goal, write out a plan for what to do if you fail one day – how fast can you get back on track? If you fell over learning to walk you didn’t give up did you, you kept on trying because failing wasn’t an option.

Maggie Lawrie is the author of audiobooks with mind programming relaxations to help you with achieving your goals and de stressing your life. Buy The Secret Guide To Getting What You Want In Life by Maggie Lawrie.

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