Doctor Who Audio Books in December

19 Dec

Doctor Who: Snake BiteSeason’s greetings! As we head towards Christmas, there are three brand new Doctor Who titles this month! The first, DOCTOR WHO – SNAKE BITE by Scott Handcock, is an audio original adventure for the Eleventh Doctor, and a flashback to his days of adventuring with the Ponds, Amy and Rory. It’s a fast-paced, action packed adventure which begins in the laboratory of Doctor Elehri Mussurana, an eminent scientist whose life’s work is about to reach is fruition. Then the TARDIS materialises, and changes everything…  The story is read by Frances Barber, who of course played Madame Kovarian in Series 6 of Doctor Who, and there’s sound design by Simon Hunt. In all it’s a fine climax to this year’s range of audio originals, which is also something of a pausing point for the Eleventh Doctor, as next year’s Destiny of the Doctor (starting in January) will present an original adventure for each of the 11 Doctors in turn.

Meanwhile in Paris, it’s Spring 1979 and the Fourth Doctor and Romana are sightseeing in our latest TV Soundtrack title DOCTOR WHO – CITY OF DEATH. Narrated by Lalla Ward, who also provides a fascinating bonus 20 minute interview, this is one of the most popular classic Doctor Who stories of all. It’s written by Douglas Adams, under the pen name David Agnew (since elements of the storyline originated from David Fisher) and it features Tom Baker at the height of his powers as the Doctor, fizzing with what I tend to think of as ‘eccentric menace’! There is some superb dialogue here, and much witty repartee, delivered in some first class performances by the lead actors plus Julian Glover, Catherine Schell and David Graham. Several reviewers of these recent 4th Doctor TV soundtracks have remarked on what a different experience it is to listen to familiar stories rather than watching them on TV. I can only agree. The soundtrack is crystal clear, and there are nuances here which are easy to miss with the distraction of pretty pictures! I heartily recommend you try it.

Our third new release of the month as a download only (although a CD version will follow in March). DOCTOR WHO – DEVIL IN THE SMOKE by Justin Richards is published by BBC Books as an ebook, and the audiobook version is read by Dan Starkey. You’ll know Dan as the Sontaran Strax in the recent TV series, and Strax is one of the main characters in this story – along with Madame Vastra (‘the fabled Lizard Woman of Paternoster Row’) and her assistant Jenny. All three characters are in the forthcoming Christmas TV episode of Doctor Who, and DEVIL IN THE SMOKE sees them having another adventure in Victorian England.

Michael KilgarriffLooking ahead, I mentioned Destiny of the Doctor which begins in January with the First Doctor story HUNTERS OF EARTH, written by Nigel Robinson and performed by Carole Ann Ford and Tam Williams. It’s a gripping tale set immediately before the events of the very first Doctor Who episode, way back in 1963. More next month! Finally, to whet your appetite for March, here’s a photo of actor Michael Kilgarriff, who came to Bath recently to read our forthcoming Classic Novel title DOCTOR WHO AND THE TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN. You…will…be…like…us!

With very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

Michael Stevens

Commissioning Editor, Doctor Who

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