Interview with G.L.Twynham

5 Nov

The ThirteenthThe Thirteenth by G.L. Twynham, read by Katy Carmichael is available to download from AudioGO. We spoke to the author about the book, the audiobook and writing.

Summarise the series of books:

“It’s a science fiction fantasy based on a British female superhero. It’s all about her adventures and how she becomes who she’s meant to be and who she meets along the way.”

How did you get into writing them?

“I read Harry Potter and I thought I can do that. It’s a bit like saying I can drive a car like Michael Schumacher. It just set me thinking that I would like to write something and I had an idea that I hadn’t experienced as a youngster because I wanted a female superhero and they were all male, apart from Wonder Woman and she was really drawn for men. So I wanted a superhero for my daughter.

Which other books really inspired you?

H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine was a huge inspiration for me because it just made me think how can somebody live before there’s even a car and imagine another world with a time machine? I’m a huge Stephen King fan. Not that I write horror, but he got me into reading. I was about 26 when I became a real reader and he was the one who set me off.

How has being self-published and self-represented benefited you and what are the drawbacks?

It makes it a lot harder. In some ways it’s great because I’m a control freak. I like the fact that I chose the cover, I chose the wording and I can choose anything I want. But I miss a support group. There’s nobody out there to support me in that sense. For example Waterstones sell my book and they’re  100% supportive of me but a lot of the time they struggle to actually get them because they’re so difficult to get hold of, whereas if I was with a publisher, there would be hundreds of copies stacked up in supermarkets. So in that sense you work constantly, 24 hours a day, every day of the week and have to be completely committed to doing that to be a good self-published author.

Things I would do differently: I would have asked for more advice in the beginning. I just ploughed through and did things ten times until I got it right. Whereas now I can help other self-published authors because if they ask me a question I can give them the answer. Would I want a publisher now? Absolutely. I’d jump at the opportunity. I didn’t choose to be self-published, I just thought it was another way to get attention, and if my books were good enough and people liked them, then eventually, a publisher would notice me, which they are now, just after three years and three books down the line.

How would you describe your fans?

Wonderful. Crazy. They’re just brilliant. They’re like family and because a lot of them are very young and I have an eleven year old daughter, I had that instant understanding and connection with them and they do crazy things like posting pictures when they’ve drawn all the symbols on their arms and hands. They’re mad about the books and they’re mad about the characters and I love that. They’re so passionate and I take a lot of time to speak to them on Facebook and Twitter . They’re the best fans in the world.

Katy Carmichael and GL Twynham

Reader Katy Carmichael (Left) and author G.L Twynham (Right)

How do you feel about the audio version?

I’m so excited. I think it’s a huge honour that you’ve chosen my books, with all the millions of books that could be chosen. The children I’ve spoken to have said to me “I’ve got all the books, but I have to have the audio.” They’re going to have to have them as well. A lot of kids and parents have said they’ll listen to it on a car journey. There’s nothing inappropriate in it so it’s going to be an amazing adventure for people to have when they’re going on their own adventures.

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