Kate Winslet reads Mr Gum

21 Sep

Kate Winslet reads Mr Gum

We recently released a new series of Mr Gum audiobooks read by Kate Winslet. So far, we’ve released 4 of Andy Stanton’s hugely popular Children’s books, read by the Hollywood actress. We spoke to Andy about the Mr Gum series and asked him what it was like to hear that Kate Winslet wanted to read his books.

“It was pretty surreal, I was half-asleep when my agent rang to tell me that Kate Winslet’s American agent had been in touch. ‘Why’s that then?’ I slurred. ‘Oh… oh, right, Kate wants to what? Do the audiobooks? Really? Really really?’ It seemed unlikely, to say the least. And it just kept on getting more and more unlikely.”

As Andy puts it, Kate “has the voice of an angel dipped in honey dipped in kittens’ tears, and her narration is a thing of beauty – it has authority and warmth and clarity.”

Read the full interview with Andy Stanton, author of Mr Gum.

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