In the studio

27 Jul

The AudioGO studios in Bath were in thrall last week to Buster the Dog and his owner Andy Kershaw, who was in to read the unabridged version of his autobiography; ‘No Off Switch’. Buster was quite the gentleman, sitting on Andy’s feet during the recording, and charming the other readers at lunchtime. Andy himself entertained all with stories of his escapades all over the world. The audiobook sounds great, with Andy unable to contain his giggles at some points.

Available from Audible on 4th October 2012.

Also in was Tom Allen, star of Radio 4’s ‘Bleak Expectations’; reading ‘The Merde Factor’ by Stephen Clarke. The book follows Paul West, an Englishman living in Paris trying not to annoy the French, and gave Tom a chance to employ his full vocal range in this his first audiobook for us. Tom really does have a unique voice, brilliant for this sort of comedy novel.

Available from Audible on 13th September 2012.

I’ve been in studio for the last week with ghoulies and ghosties and David Rintoul, recording James Herbert’s ‘The Secret of Crickley Hall’. This book is currently being made in to a TV series for the BBC, but I can’t imagine it being creepier than the Rintoul performance.  The chills were running up my spine, despite the hot weather… David knows how to build the tension, and he even does his own sound effects (swish-thwack!).

Available from AudioGO to download on 4th October 2012, and on CD from all good bookshops.

Lyndsey Melling, Studio Audio Editor

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