Top 10 Summer Holiday Audiobooks for Kids

19 Jul

As the schools prepare to finish for the (hopefully) sunny summer we’re about to have, now is the time to think of ways to keep the children entertained for six weeks. Here at AudioGO, we’ve got a number of audiobooks to help reduce the boredom on a not so dry afternoon, make long car journeys seem far shorter and inspire the imagination. Here are our 10 favourite audiobooks for kids:

The Emperor’s New Clothes & Other Fairy Tales

The Emperor's New Clothes

Read by Sir Derek Jacobi, this classic fairy tale has been specially adapted for young children. Two weavers who are really swindlers promise the vain Emperor a new suit, invisible to those unfit for their position, incompetent or stupid. The emperor cannot see it, but doesn’t want to appear unfit for his position, as does almost everyone else in this ridiculously funny tale.

Buy The Emperor’s New Clothes Audiobook

The Brave Tin SoldierThe Brave Tin Soldier

Another classic fairy tale from Hans Christian Anderson, The Brave Tin Soldier is a story of a boy who, on his birthday, receives a set of 25 toy soldiers and spreads them on his table top. One soldier stands on a single leg, having been the last one cast from an old tin spoon. He falls in love with a paper ballerina, who is also standing on one leg. At night, a goblin in the boy’s toy collection tells the soldier to stop looking at the ballerina, but is ignored. The next day, the soldier falls through the window into the street. This tale follows his as he returns to the ballerina.

Buy the Brave Tin Soldier Audiobook

Aesop’s Fables

We have over 40 of Aesop’s Fables on audiobook, read by a variety of narrators including Jane Horrocks, Jonathan Pryce, Richard Briers and Richard Grant. This is a collection of fables credited to a slave and story-teller called Aesop, believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560 BC.

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The Windvale Sprites

Written and read by Mackenzie Crook, The Windvale Sprites follows Asa Brown, who finds something strange in his garden pond after a storm. At first, it looks like a giant dragonfly, but on closer inspection, he could see it was something far more extraordinary. In this enchanting story, Asa embarks on a mission to Windvale Moor, where he finds out more about the mysterious creature.

Buy The Windvale Sprites Audiobook

Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth Audiobook

Written and read by John Barrowman, Hollow Earth is the story of twins Matt and Emily Calder who have such powerful imaginations that they can bring art to life. Villains want to use their powers to access the terrors of Hollow Earth- where all the demons, devils and monsters ever imagined are eternally trapped. The twins must make sure Hollow Earth is not breached, or they are as good as dead.

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The Worst Thing about My Sister

Marty and her sister Melissa don’t get along. They couldn’t be more different. Marty is a messy tomboy who loves animals, drawing and comics and Melissa is pink, girly, glittery and super-annoying. When Mum’s new dress-making business takes off, she needs a spare room in the house for her sewing, so the sisters have to share a room. Arguments follow, until one leads of a serious accident. Follow the girls’ conflict in this story written by Jacqueline Wilson.

Buy The Worth Thing About My Sister

The Butterfly Tiara

Written by Gwyneth Rees and read by Sophie Aldred, this enchanting adventure follows Ava, who spets inside Marietta’s Magic Dress Shop to find hundreds of beautiful dresses in every colour of the rainbow, sewn with magic thread. When she puts on a sparkling trapeze outfit with a dazzling butterfly tiara, Ava is transported back in time to a travelling circus, where she meets a baby elephant who performs tricks. She must reunite the baby with its mother before the cruel animal trainer finds her!

Buy The Butterfly Tiara

Precious and the Monkeys

This is a delightful story of Precious Ramotswe’s very first case, written by Alexander McCall Smith and read by Adjoa Andoh. Precious lives in Botswana, Africa and would grow up to be part of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, but must solve her first mystery while still at school as someone has been stealing from her friends.

Buy Precious and the Monkeys

Thomas and Friends: The Great Discovery

Hollywood star, Pierce Brosnan narrates this brand new feature-length story from the children’s favourite, Thomas & Friends. When Thomas discovers the long-lost town of Great Waterton and The Fat Controller says it will be restored to mark ‘Sodor Day’, a new engine called Stanley arrives to help. Thomas feels his position as the No. 1 engine is under threat so plays a trick on him. Unfortunately, it backfires and Thomas finds himself lost in a mine in this all-action adventure.

Buy Thomas And Friends: The Great Discovery audiobook read by Pierce Brosnan

Pingu: Hide and Seek & Other Stories

Recreated for audio by Chris Allen and narrated by Sarah Greene, these ten wonderfully magical adventures come from the popular TV series. This collection includes ‘Hide and Seek’, ‘School Time’, ‘Pingu and the Barrel Organ’, ‘Pingu’s Ice Cave’, ‘Pingu Plays Fish Tennis’, ‘Pingu Runs Away’, ‘Pingu and Pinga Stay Up’, ‘Noise’, ‘Grandpa is Ill’ and ‘Pingu and Pinga at Home’.

Buy Pingu: Hide and Seek & Other Stories

Do you have a favourite children’s audiobook?

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