Doctor Who in July at AudioGO

13 Jul

It’s a busy month for Doctor Who at AudioGO. (What am I talking about? Every month is busy for Doctor Who at AudioGO!) Just as the good Doctor’s enemies hail from all corners of the Universe, so do AudioGO’s Doctor Who titles have diverse origins! July’s releases are no exception, with no fewer than three brand new releases on offer. Follow them and they’ll take you to an Earth colony planet in the far future, an alien society with more than a passing resemblance Anthony Hope’s Ruritania, and to Northumbria in the time of the Vikings. Well, let’s face it, it’s cheaper than booking that last minute package to Torremolinos…

Nu-HumansFirst up is The Nu-Humans by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. The latest of our 11th Doctor Audio Original titles, this has been written specially for AudioGO by two experienced Doctor Who hands (Cavan and Mark have written several novels, short stories and audio dramas based on the TV series). The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive on Hope Eternal, a ‘super-earth’ planet with heavy gravity, volcanoes and rich mineral deposits. There they find the Nu-Humans, who have adapted their genes to suit their new environment. But something is going wrong on the colony, and before long the TARDIS crew’s lives are in danger! (Well, what else would you expect?) Raquel Cassidy reads the story, this being her second Audio Original (the first was The Art of Death in January). Raquel played Miranda Cleaves in two episodes from the 2011 TV series, and has proved to be a popular reader.

Androids of Tara

The Androids of Tara is released as part of our Classic Novels range, but it has a special difference! Usually the Classic Novel audiobooks are based on the Target Books range of Doctor Who novelisations, first published in the 1970s and 1980s. The Androids of Tara, though, is a brand new novelisation of the original 1978 TV serial by David Fisher. As with last year’s The Stones of Blood, AudioGO commissioned David to write his own adaptation, and the result is an enthralling, action-packed romp packed with humour, drama and lots of small details about the people of the planet Tara (and their androids!). It features the Fourth Doctor and Romana, as played by Tom Baker and Mart Tamm, and is read by John Leeson, who provided the Voice of K9 in the original TV series. Special sound design is provided by Simon Power, whose music and effects have gained an enthusiastic following!

Last – but definitely not least – this month comes Dark Horizons, an unabridged reading of BBC Books’ brand new Doctor Who novel. It’s written by J.T. Colgan (who in another mode is Jenny Colgan, author of many romantic comedy novels) and takes the 11th Doctor to chilly Northumbria, in that period of history when the Vikings were worrying the inhabitants of the Isle of Lewis. Colgan is a fresh voice in Doctor Who fiction, and we’ve matched her text with the vocal talents of Neve McIntosh, a native Scot who has played a number of Silurian characters in recent series of Doctor Who.

So that’s July – but what’s coming up next? Well, when yet another brand new novel from BBC Books – the fabulous The Wheel of Ice by Stephen Baxter, featuring the 2nd Doctor – hits the shelves on 16th August, we’ll have the audiobook version available on the same day, read by David Troughton with original sound design. Ahead of that there’ll be the last of our ‘Lost’ TV Episodes Collections (Volume 5) and a historical Classic Novel in the form of ‘The Aztecs’ by John Lucarotti, read by the ever popular William Russell.

As for what’s even further ahead, let’s just say that two actors who played the Doctor’s companions in the original TV series have been spotted in AudioGO’s studios, recording different projects. Here’s a clue to their characters’ identities: one is male and good at maths, one is female and handy with a knife, and neither was born on Earth…

See you next month.

Michael Stevens, Doctor Who Commissioning Editor

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