Top 5 sport audiobooks

6 Jul

This summer is a great one for sports, with football, tennis, cricket and athletics. To keep you in the mood for it, we’ve selected some of our favourite sporting audio books.

1980 Moscow Olympics: The Reunion1980 Moscow Olympics: The Reunion
Presented by Sue MacGregor
When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the year before the games in Moscow, President Carter, backed by Margaret Thatcher, urged athletes to boycott the event. Sue MacGregor reunites members of the British team, including Duncan Goodhew, Joslyn Hoyte-Smith and Colin Moynihan as they recall the controversial year. They reminisce about the difficult decisions they made and ultimately the triumph of a record-breaking British medals haul.
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Muhammad Ali In His Own Words

This is a fascinating collection of interviews with Muhammad Ali, beginning in 1965 and finishing with a television interview with Joanna Lumley in 1989. The legendary champion boxer makes several famous appearances on Parkinson in the 1970s and talks to David Frost in the Frost Interview along the way. He discusses his fighting career, his views on religion and society, his lack of formal education and his vision of a separate black-only American state. This is part of our ‘In Their Own Words’ series.
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Sport and the BritishSport And The British
By Clare Balding
This BBC Radio 4 series, presented by Claire Balding shows how sport has shaped the British and how Britain has shaped sport. With the help of the academic team from the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University, Clare looks at the role sport has, and will continue to play in our national life in this 30-part narrative series.
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The Ration Book Olympics
By Claire Balding

The Ration Book Olympics
In ‘The Ration Book Olympics’, Clare Balding looks back at the last time the Games came to London in 1948. Rationing was still in force, severe bomb damage was still evident and no new sports facilities could be built so visiting athletes were put up in schools and RAF camps. Despite all of this, the Games were a great success.
In this interesting look at the Games, Clare meets athletes from the 1948 Games, including cyclist Tommy Godwin and Dorothy Manley, both medal winners.
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George BestGeorge Best In His Own Words

This is a fascinating collection of archive interviews with George Best, one of the most talented footballers of all time, beginning in the 1970s, when the celebrated player enjoyed success at a young age. In the 1980s, Best had become a husband and father, and was coming to terms with alcoholism. Throughout this audiobook, he discusses career and personal highs and lows, finishing with an interview with Nicky Campbell from 2000.
Order George Best In His Own Words

What do you think?
Do you have a favourite sport audiobook?

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